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Develop Organizations
through People!

How can people cooperate more efficiently?

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The persolog Personality Factor Model describes human behavior on the basis of the four behavioral patterns dominant, influencing, steady and cautious.

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Develop Organizations through People

How can people cooperate more efficiently?

persolog tackles this question. This is the basis on which we develop our learning instruments around social and individual skills for trainings, coachings, HR development and organizational health management. We are helping businesses improve through cooperating with more than 15 partners on all five continents. In Germany alone, more than 5,000 trainers and HR managers certified by us are working with the scientifically founded models, questionnaires and seminar designs – and every year their number increases by approx. 300.

Paul Donders – Senior Master Trainer

Since 1987 Paul Donders is active as a trainer and coach in the field of Management Development Programs and Strategic advice. As a consultant, he works in South Africa and the Netherlands, both in business and in health care. He is also involved internationally as a frequent speaker on leadership and personal development.


Friedbert Gay – CEO, Master Trainer

How can people cooperate more efficiently? This is the question Friedbert Gay has been dealing with for many years as managing director, master trainer and speaker. His philosophy is to be responsive to individual personalities because he is convinced that “the equal treatment of unequal people is not fair”.


persolog Publishing House

The basis of our learning tools’ success is a target-oriented analysis of individual behavior. Building up on this analysis it results in specific practical action strategies. The Profiles, questionnaires, books and seminar material convince due to their pragmatic nature, their action-oriented approaches and scientific basis.

  • Quality is our standard.
    The persolog Models are being developed with the cooperation of professors, psychologists and universities, and are constantly being verified and statistically validated. The high quality material results in broad acceptance.
  • Gain flexibility for complex projects.
    The learning tools are linked at a theoretical level.
    All learning tools can be integrated in overriding concepts in a modular way.

persolog Academy

HR managers, trainers, coaches and consultants but also executives and staff in responsible positions take part in the seminars at the persolog Academy. Certification and practical seminar take place regularly in the entire English-speaking world. In public and in-house seminars we teach how social and individual skills can be developed sustainably.

  • Remain independent.
    Comprehensible material and practical exercises promote individual work with the learning tools. In-house solutions make it possible for companies to integrate their own trainers and training concepts.
  • Benefit from the exclusivity.
    Certified trainers will be given exclusive access to questionnaires, concepts and exercises of individual models.

Well-known companies around the globe work with the models from persolog