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The root cause of our growth

Like every successful company, persolog has an interesting history:

It began in 1972, when the Personality Factor Model came on to the U.S. market, where it quickly established itself. Our German founder Friedbert Gay recognised the potential of the model and introduced the model in Germany in 1990. Today the constantly-optimised scientific persolog model, based on the original model with the behavioral dimensions D (Dominant), I (Influencing), S (Steady) and C (Cautious), forms the core of our operations. Apart from the persolog Personality Factor Model, we offer many further tools for personnel and organisational development - in 14 countries, world-wide.

The persolog Personality Factor Model is a success story: it was brought onto the German market in 1990. After five years, 600 trainers and personnel managers had already been certified to use the model. Today, over 5,000 trainers only in the German-speaking markets work with the company and the number is constantly growing.

The huge response spurs us on. For this reason we are continuously extending our range of instruments for personnel and organisational development. We place great value on the scientific soundness of our models. In addition to the persolog Personality Factor Model we meanwhile have tools in areas such as self-management, stress management and team dynamics.

This was the reason why persolog GmbH was founded in 2004. With the persolog brand we will meet the requirements of our increasingly international orientation, because our goal is to offer fully integrated personality development world-wide.