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DISC persolog® Trainer Course

Training for professionals! At persolog Canada, we train people in the field of human relations to use our tools in a responsible and informed manner. The certification we issue is mandatory to be authorized to use persolog® models.
Whether you are a consultant, trainer, coach, human resources manager, manager, or any other human relations practitioner, this training is for you. In addition to providing you with professional tools (questionnaires, analysis reports, reflection and exchange supports, educational games), it will give you a clear understanding of the types of behavior you will encounter

⇒ How to become certified

  • registration – fill out the form on this page
  • training – 2 steps
    1. 2 day training  – in person or online
    2. implementation exercices – in person or online
  • Issuance of the certificate – Allocation of an access account to the persolog® platform and of the educational suitcase

Day 1

DISC is presented as a language of human behavior and you will apply the model to yourself.

Day 2

You learn to speak the DISC language and apply it in practice as a trainer.

After completing the training, you can order and work with all our materials.

⇒ You get also

At the end of the certification, the certified person receives the educational suitcase containing:

  • a persolog seminar presentation template
  • the trainer's instructions for use
  • a sample copy of each persolog profile type
  • The book ''The Behavioral Blueprint''

At persolog® Canada, we stay close to certified professionals. Indeed, with authorization in hand, the certified person benefits from the persolog® advantages :

  • validity of the certification - no time limit, anywhere in the world
  • profile platform - 24h dedicated access
  • hotline - online support is free of charge (mail/phone)
  • updates - inform the certified at least once a year

⇒ In-house training

It is possible to organize in-company training regardless of the number of people involved. Simply make a request to someone from persolog® Canada (click here)

⇒ Content of the training

  • self-knowledge through the persolog® Personality Factor Profile

Introduction in the field of behavior and personality

The theoretical basis and history of the persolog® personality model

Get your own persolog® Behavioral Profile

Understanding the 4 basic behavioral dimensions

Interpret the 3 graphs

  • development through personality profile using the seven discoveries

1) Understanding the four behavioural dimensions

2) Adapting to a changing environment

3) Gain objectivity - analysis of personal convictions

4) Developing behavioural strategies

5) Reduce your stress level

6) Tasks that suit your personality

7) Participate in self-managed work teams

  • practical exercises

Case studies

Practice understanding and interpreting graphs

  • use of the Job Profile

Application: selection of employees

  • use of persolog® strategy guides

Application: sales, time management, telephone conversations and discussions with employees.

  • use of the online e-port platform

  • the possibilities of putting it into practice in your activities