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Develop Organizations
through People!

Our partner in Canada: xpand


As an authorized partner of persolog International, persolog Canada offers certified training and structured professional tools in these main areas:

  • Personality & Behavior: It is no longer a secret that success in private and professional life is based on understanding oneself and others and on the ability to adapt one's behavior to the demands of the context. This is what the persolog personality model offers, through a validated questionnaire, an enriched DISC methodology and many other tools, books and games. As a trainer or coach, you will encounter a complete set of practical and easy-to-use tools.
  • Recruiting : The job profile proposed by the model is based on two principles: 1. the selection of the candidate is the starting point for the development of a collaborator 2. When recruiting, the candidate's interpersonal skills are as important as the know-how. As a recruiter, the job profile will help you to define the position to be filled from the point of view of knowledge..

Our mission is to develop organizations through people.

persolog Canada manages the development of the Canadian market, provides certifications and specific content for the needs of Canadian companies as well as for the local subsidiaries of international groups.

How we do it


 we qualify and certify human resources professionals, trainers, coaches and consultants, giving them access to the world of persolog


We coach and support certified professionals in their work with their clients in both French and English.


 we recommend and propose, through our network of certified professionals, speakers for training requests and courses on: corporate culture, recruitment, communication, stress, time management, induction and integration, personal and team development and professional training.

The values that drive us


Our models are based on more than 40 years of scientific research by Prof.dr. John Geier and his team. We therefore attach great importance to the fact that each model is regularly subjected to statistical validations. For example, the Persolog DISC personality model has been continuously tested for reliability and validity since 1994. We thus propose a seemingly very simple implementation for tools with a complex and proven scientific background.


We offer only practical tools. The ability of certified professionals to implement our tools translates for their clients into concrete and applicable results in their processes and organizations. We always start our processes with the client's objective in mind.


Double development is our mantra. Our concern is the development of women and men as well as the permanent development of the performance of our tools. The permanent alignment of the tools with those who use them is the guarantee of the success of our method and the guarantee of a healthy result for the final beneficiary.

For 33 years, we have been helping our clients discover their future destination, develop their skills, (leadership) competencies, teamwork and organizations. There are currently 14 national xpand teams and over 120 trainers, coaches, consultants and associated staff.

Currently, the xpand Canada team is composed of 6 English-speaking and 8 French-speaking consultants.