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Inspires to more personality

Friedbert Gay

Inspiring to more personality

Personality is close to Friedbert Gay’s heart. He vividly and humorosly illustrates interpersonal relations. His colorful, authentic style of presentation encourages listeners to approach the world with their eyes open.

How can people cooperate more efficiently?

This is the question Friedbert Gay has been dealing with for many years as managing director, master trainer and speaker. His philosophy is to be responsive to individual personalities because he is convinced that “the equal treatment of unequal people is not fair”.

Friedbert Gay discovered his enthusiasm for personality development coincidentally, while working in a completely different area. His education was originally technical and he began his career training employees of different companies in technical fields.

He soon realized that the problems the employees he was working with had were not actually technical but rather interpersonal. That is the point when he began to become more interested in people rather than technology. He started studying educational science, successfully earning his academic degree in that area some time thereafter.
Friedbert Gay was part of DISG Training Ltd. right from the start. In 2003, he and his partner founded persolog Ltd. He now certifies more than 100 trainers a year for the persolog® Personality Factor Model and is a member of the organizations GSA, BDVT, ASTD.

Well-known companies, which in Germany include Daimler plc, Stuttgart; Festo Academy, Esslingen; ISPI Europe, Heidelberg; Sanofi Aventis, Berlin; SKP AG, Stuttgart; and Sparkassenakademie Bavaria, Landshut, highly value his lectures.

Friedbert Gay has published extensively on the topic of personality development.

His most famous publication to date -in cooperation with Lothar Seiwert- is his bestseller “The Behavioral Blueprint”.

Helping people develop and discover their own potential and strengths is the focus of Friedbert Gay’s work.