Develop Organizations
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Discover DISC persolog®

Are you a trainer, coach, recruiter or human resources professional?
Are you looking for a personality tool or do you simply want to be connected to what's new on the market?
Then this discovery will interest you !
At persolog Canada, we offer human relations stakeholders a method of behavioral analysis that is scientifically established and proven worldwide.

We invite you to the workshop "Discover DISC persolog®, where you have the possibility to

    Know the terms of use in your business or implementation in your company

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What is the persolog® Personality Model ?

More than a method, the persolog® Personality Model provides HR professionals with a comprehensive set of tools with a broad spectrum of uses:
  • training in interpersonal skills (team management, communication, sales, etc.)
  • coaching & personal development
  • teenager development
  • recruiting
  • career orientation


It is based on the DISC methodology, which Professor J. Geier and the persolog® team have taken to the next level.

On the program:

  • try out the personality questionnaire & get to know your own behavioral profile - a link is sent before the D-day to fill in the questionnaire
  • familiarize yourself with the model and the tools it offers
  • experience various games & exercises
  • exchange in a friendly atmosphere with other professionals concerned about human relations


all this in a relaxed atmosphere, where backgrounds and personalities will meet over coffee and hot tea.

Where and when ?

Online  -   via secured Zoom

When ?

Access our Calendar under the Seminar menu. We do offer this activity on a regular basis and can easily organize a customized presentation for you ! Please contact us.

Your trainers

Jean-François Morin – Master Trainer,

Jean-François Morin – Master Trainer

Certified ICF Coach (ACC). Member of the Bar and Chartered Administrator in Quebec. Holds a Bachelor's degree in Law (LL.B) from Laval University and a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Philosophy (B.Ph., M.a.Ph.) from the Dominican University College.

There are currently no dates for this seminarThere are currently no dates for this seminar
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